White Apache | Bianco Apache (1986)

Bianco Apache / White Apache (1986)
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Spain (Suevia Films / Multivideo) [Region 1-8]:
DVD Title: Apache Kid
EAN: 8431797123849
Picture format: 1.87:1 non-anamorphic widescreen PAL
Sountrack(s): English DD 2.0
Castellano DD 2.0
Italian DD 2.0
German DD 2.0
Running Time: 1:34:42
Subtitles: Castellano
Extras: Chapter selections (12 chapters)
Filmographies for Vincent Dawn (Bruno Mattei), Sebastian Harrison, Lola Forner, Luciano Pigozzi
Ficha Artística
Gallery with 12 images
Trailer for White Apache. Non-anamorphic widescreen, length 2:35, Spanish and English audio.

Trailers for:
Crimen en familia. Non-anamorphic widescreen, length 3:05, Spanish.
El lute camina o revienta. Non-anamorphic widescreen, length 2:34, Spanish.
El lute II (Mañana seré libre). Non-anamorphic widescreen, length 2:54, Spanish.
Un soltero con mucha cuerda. Fullscreen, length 1:59, Spanish.
Scalps, venganza india. Non-anamorphic widescreen, length 2:31, Spanish.
Marquise. Fullscreen, length 2:26, Spanish.

Details: DVD release date: 5/12/2007
Layers: single-sided/dual-layered
Case: Keep Case


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