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DVD screenshots of …continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità / Trinity Is Still My Name (1972)


I believe Medusa in Italy, Nouveaux in UK and some unknown company in French (I’m just guessing there is one because of what Hen’s Tooth has done…) had the same (CUT) source for the film. The French credits on the Hen’s Tooth disc suggests they used the French disc as source and because of transferring from PAL to NTSC it looks worse than the other three.

Future Film in Finland (in English) is supposed to be the full uncut English version. The same transfer has been used in Denmark, Sweden and probably Norway as well, and from what I have seen of the Dutch disc (not presented here, yet) it also features the same transfer or very similar one (and the same length and in English). The German disc from 2001 by e-m-s might be the same version except with German dub. Even though the e-m-s disc has its share of problems and is far from being great (or even good), to my eyes it is the best transfer out there for this particular scene. All the other transfers lose much detail (mostly because of filtering) compared. Just look at his shirt or the blanket.

The e-m-s bonus disc and the 3L DVD and Blu-Ray feature the original theatrical cut of the film and while the e-m-s is very bad (but “funnily” it does show more detailed at certain parts than most of the others) it is not filtered looking like the 3L discs. Also, compare the two 3L images in 1920×1080 resolution (by clicking the links). They are basically the same… what the fuck! So in this particular scene it looks like 3L used DVD source for their Blu-Ray. Superb work!
Please note that this particular scene does not represent everything the Blu-Ray has to offer, as most of the movie on it looks much better (but it’s still a crap disc…), but it does tell us something.

And oh god what’s up with the use of edge enhancement on many of the discs. Does not look good.

I’ll add some more screenshots later, but basically all the discs suck. Yay.

Oh, the disc by Future Film Finland is non-anamorphic, I just cut some of the black bars away to make it work better when comparing with the others.
Take the cursor over the different links and wait a while for the picture to appear. Or click on the link to view a 1920×1080 version of the image. The DVD screenshots in 1920×1080 have obviously been resized.

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Future Film Finland 0h02m37s

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