The Unholy Four DVD screenshots

Ciakmull – L’uomo della vendetta / The Unholy Four (1970)

UPDATE: Added screenshots from the Evidis and MCP discs (Thanks to Pieter Boven!). To my eyes (based on screenshots alone) it seems the French disc is the best of all four releases when it comes to image quality and it doesn’t suffer from the ghosting/blending of the Wild East and Global Video discs. But it does lack anamorphic enhancement which will be an issue for some.

But despite all the quality differences, cuts and errors, the decision will ultimately be made based on what language you want to watch the film in…
If you want English, I would recommend to stay away from the Global Video disc, unless you are sure the issues on that disc won’t be a problem on your player.

Wild East disc is sharper, anamorphic and doesn’t have the problems Global Video disc has (read more about the problems here, it’s important) and is very slightly cropped on the sides. The colors on Global Video disc seem better to my eyes. Both have interlacing and seem to be badly done PAL to NTSC transfers. Wild East had some noticeable (without pausing) compression artifacts in several scenes. In the end Wild East is the one I recommend.
The credit sequence in Global Video is in Italian (the title is in English…)

Global Video South Africa TOP vs Wild East USA 2ND vs Evidis France 3RD vs MCP Germany BOTTOM

These last two aren’t from the exact same frame. They are an example of the poorly done transfer which involves blending. This happens several times per second.

About the same frames from the other two discs, the discs are free of ghosting/blending.

And here’s one last image from the French Evidis disc. It’s from the short couple of seconds long instance where there’s some error in the image/sound, mentioned in the disc specs page.

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