The Hills Run Red | Un fiume di dollari (1966)

Fiume di dollari, Un / The Hills Run Red (1966) IMDB
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Japan (Stingray) [Region 2]:
Picture format: 2.35:1 Letterbox NTSC

Sountrack(s): Japanese
Running Time: 1:29:43 plus mgm and united artists titles at the beginning 23secs
Subtitles: Two japanese subtitles, no idea what the differences are.
Extras: Chapter selections (16 chapters)
Trailer for The Hills Run Red, length 1:27, 1.46:1 “widescreen”
Details: DVD release date:
Case: Keep case
Notes: Same disc can also be found in the Legend Of The Gunmen Box which was a limited release of 2000 copies and has long been OOP

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