Run, Man, Run! DVD screenshots

Corri, uomo, corri / Run, Man, Run! (1968)

Blue Underground TOP vs Sky Cinema MIDDLE vs Koch Media BOTTOM

Thanks to Seppo Pääjärvi for the screenshots from the Sky Cinema disc!

Framing of Blue Underground’s and Sky Cinema’s discs is identical, and even though some differencies especially on some colors can be seen on closer inspection, I’d suspect SC has used BU’s transfer… maybe have re-encoded it, maybe not. The fact that the screenshots have been taken with different equipment might also cause some differences.

Koch has apparently used NTSC source as their disc seems to run in NTSC speed and when deinterlaced has artifacts which I would expect from NTSC discs but not PAL (look at screenshots #4 [I have included two versions from this scene] and #7).

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