Return Of Ringo | Il ritorno di Ringo (1965)

Ritorno di Ringo, Il / Return Of Ringo (1965) IMDB
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Japan (SPO) [Region 2 ]:
Picture format: 2.35:1 non-anamorphic widescreen NTSC
Sountrack(s): Italian DD 2.0 Mono
English DD 2.0 Mono
Running Time: 97mins
Subtitles: English, japanese
Extras: Chapter selections ( chapters)
US opening credits
US trailer
Italian trailer
Cast & crew biographies and filmographies, columns, in japanese
Photo & poster gallery
Details: DVD release date: 2002/09/21
Layers: single-sided/single-layered
Case: Keep case
Notes: Available separately and in the Macaroni Western Bible box x

France (Seven 7) [Region 2]:
DVD Title: Le Retour De Ringo
EAN: 3512391509101
Picture format: 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen PAL
Sountrack(s): French DD 2.0 Mono
Running Time: 1:32:08
Subtitles: None
Extras: Chapter selections (12 chapters)
“Présentation du film” (general info regarding the movie, 5 min)
“De Ringo à Ulysse” (info regarding the Ringo character, 10 min)
“La fille de Ringo” (interview with Vera Gemma, Giuliano’s daughter, regarding her father, 7min)
“Présentation de la collection” (trailers for all the movies of the collection)
All the extras are in French, anamorphic widescreen.
Details: DVD release date:
Layers: single-sided/dual-layered
Case: Keep case
Notes: Available separately and in a box with 4 other Seven 7 western releases.
Thanks to Mad Mat for providing these specifications.

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