Night of the Serpent DVD screenshots

Night of the Serpent | La notte dei serpenti (1969) DVD screenshots

Well… the new release from France is definitely an improvement over the older Global Video release. The French disc is sharper, more detailed and has a more film like (grain) appearance, and is anamorphic which the Global Video release is not. I can’t see any differences in cropping so the aspect ratio differences (2.30:1 vs 2.18:1) seems to be the result of the Global Video disc being slightly squeezed horizontally? I don’t think the Global Video release is bad though.. in fact I remember being surprised how good it looked when I got it (although I guess it might have been partly because Global’s previous releases weren’t this good), but the French disc is clearly better.
Of course those needing English audio have no choice (well, neither does those wanting French or Italian).

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