My Name Is Nobody DVD screenshots

Mio nome è Nessuno, Il / My Name Is Nobody (1973)

Please take notice that the german disc from Paramount suffers some technical problems with PC’s software players and this might have a small effect on all the screenshots from the disc… But definitaly when there’s movement and the camera is zooming like in the screenshot #4. These problems shouldn’t affect most (or perhaps not a single one) of the standalone players available. Also, in the screenshot #6 the german disc might or might not have a slight advantage since the movement has stopped in the german disc screenshot and is still going on in the french and british disc screenshots…

Canal TOP vs Paramount 2ND Nouveaux Pictures 3RD vs Atlantic Film AB BOTTOM

Click here for a screenshot from the german disc of the exact frame which the french and british disc screenshots are from.

Canal TOP vs Paramount BOTTOM

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