Gentleman Killer | Gentleman Jo… uccidi (1967)

Gentleman Jo… uccidi / Gentleman Killer (1969)
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USA (Wild East) [Region 0]:
DVD Title: Gentleman Killer
Picture format: 2.35:1 letterbox with anamorphic flag [See notes]

Sountrack(s): English DD 2.0
Running Time: 1:33:03
Subtitles: None
Extras: Chapter selections (10 chapters)
A conversation with Anthony Steffen. Length 9:57. Subtitled in English.
Picture gallery. Length 2:19.
Trailer. Fullscreen, very bad quality. Length 2:51.

Details: DVD release date: May 1, 2006
Layers: single-sided/dual-layered
Case: Keep case

Notes: The disc has same problems that Wild East’s Sartana disc has. The disc is like a letterboxed 2.35:1 disc which thinks it’s anamorphic.
With regular TVs setting the player to 16:9 should help (the disc case even had a sticker suggesting this). With widescreen TVs using zoom should help (so it’s like you’re basically watching a regular non-anamorphic disc which needs to be zoomed).

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