Fedra West DVD screenshots

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Fedra West (1968) DVD screenshots

Images from the Global Video disc have been resized from their original 4:3 format into anamorphic widescreen. As mentioned in the DVD specs, the disc seems to be missing the flag that tells the player the disc is anamorphic and so it works like a non-anamorphic 1.85:1 disc. This shouldn’t be a problem for owners of widescreen TVs but I do not know if its possible to view it in correct aspect ratio with 4:3 TVs. As the images show, the quality is far from great and the video is filled with all kinds of scratches and lines and the colors change a lot even in middle of scenes… from “normal” to too green, back to normal, back to green, and so on.

Global Video South Africa

Global Video opening title

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