Face to Face DVD screenshots

Face To Face / Faccia A Faccia (1967) IMDB

The image of SPO’s disc is wider (2.43:1) than the Koch Media’s release (2.33:1) but from the screenshots you can see that SPO’s disc has been cropped quite a lot from bottom and top and even from the left, while at times Koch Media seems to be cropped very little from the right when compared to SPO.

Seven 7 looks very similar to Koch, except for the title credits. Seven 7 seems to be very little cropped from all sides compared to the Koch disc and Seven 7 also looks a bit “smoother” (check Linda Veras’ face on screenshot #7).

Framing in the italian disc seems to be the same as the one in the japanese SPO disc.

The spanish disc by Divisa Red seems to show more image on each of the four sides than any other disc (For example check screenshot #6. It’s very clear it shows more on the left and right side but comparing it to the Koch Disc you can see that it shows also more on the top and bottom though barely noticeable.). Unfortunately image quality is not good and the disc is cut (which is why screenshot #7 is missing).

Thanks to Mad Mat for the Seven 7 screenshots! And Pieter Boven for spanish and italian disc screenshots!

SPO TOP vs Koch Media 2ND vs Seven 7 3RD vs MHE 4TH vs Divisa Red BOTTOM

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