Cut-Throats Nine | Condenados a vivir (1972)

Condenados a vivir / Cut-Throats Nine (1972) IMDB
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(Eurovista) [Region ALL]:
DVD Title: Cut Throats Nine
EAN: None
Picture format: About 1.88:1 Letterbox widescreen NTSC Cut Throats Nine - Condenados a vivir (1972) Eurovista DVD front cover

Cut Throats Nine Eurovista DVD back cover
Sountrack(s): English
Running Time: 1:30:54
Subtitles: None
Extras: Chapter selections (8 chapters)
Talent files: Robert Hundar (Roberto Undari), Emma cohen (Emmanuela Beltran Rahola)
Publicity Gallery (Still photos, posters)
American trailer, letterboxed widescreen, length 2:29
German trailer, letterboxed widescreen, length 1:39
Poster card insert
Details: DVD release date:
Layers: single-sided/single-layered
Case: Keep case

Code Red (USA) [Region 0]:
DVD Title: Cut-Throats Nine / Joshua (Lawless Land Double Feature)
EAN: 851740003062
Picture format: 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen NTSC (Cut-Throats Nine) Cut-Throats Nine - Condenados a vivir / Joshua Double Feature DVD from Code Red
Sountrack(s): English DD 2.0 mono
Running Time: 1:31:29
Subtitles: None
Extras: (13 chapters)

Trailers for Detective Belli, Brute Corps, Black Gestapo and Cut-Throats Nine. All four trailers and the two movies can be played as a combined 42nd Street Experience.

Details: DVD release date: 16.8.2011
Layers: single-sided/dual-layered
Case: Keep case

Notes: A double feature with Joshua, with both films on the same disc.
Joshua is presented in 2.35:1 widescreen and English audio.

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