Ben and Charlie DVD screenshots

Amico, stammi lontano almeno un palmo / Ben and Charlie (1972)

UPDATE: Well, the French disc seems quite the same as the other two. :D Hard to say from just the screenshots which one is better, e-m-s or Fravidis. Thanks to Pieter Boven for providing the screenshots from the French disc.

The framing seems to be almost identical, Wild East seems a little (barely noticeable) cropped from the righ side. Colors are almost identical. Looks like it could have been same source for both, but probably not since the German version is longer (I doubt WE would have cut it on purpose)? E-m-s is noticeably sharper though (easier to see if you open the images somewhere where you can switch fast between them) and Wild East is a bit stretched horizontally and interlaced. Opening and ending credits are much worse in Wild East, as they have replaced the italian ones with US credits from an inferior source?

e-m-s TOP vs Wild East MIDDLE vs Fravidis BOTTOM

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