Bandidos DVD screenshots

Bandidos (1967)


Framing seems to vary from scene to scene in all releases. Most of the time Starmedia is cropped a lot from left and right when compared to the other two, but as you can see from screenshot #3, Starmedia shows more on the right side in it. SPO and NEW discs seem to be cropped from top and bottom (sometimes quite a lot), but then again sometimes they do show more on the bottom than Starmedia. There is a slight color difference between SPO and NEW, and SPO is a bit sharper but otherwise they look exactly the same, even when aspect ratios change a bit during the movie, both discs seem to retain the exact same ratio… which makes me wonder if NEW used the SPO disc as their source. For some reason (probably because it has been encoded from the NTSC SPO disc?) NEW looks actually quite awful when viewed with software player on computer. Every single frame seems to have ghosting artefacts in it (which shouldn’t be there if PAL or FILM source would have been used). Even though NEW is anamorphic and SPO is not I still found SPO more pleasant to watch, although some owners of widescreen TVs would most definitely think otherwise.

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