A Stranger in Town DVD screenshots

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DVD screenshots of A Stranger in Town | Un dollaro tra i denti (1967)

The Japanese disc by Cinefil Imagica is excellent while the bootleg from Alfa Digital is absolutely horrible. The old German disc by Starmedia is somewhere between. Too bad the only one with English audio is the Alfa Digital one. And the German disc is quite useless even for Germans as it is cut by over 10 minutes.
I’m not sure but I have a feeling the film might have been shot in full screen with the intention of framing it for either 1.66:1 or 1.85:1 when screened. The German disc shows clearly more at the top and bottom yet the framing on the Imagica disc looks just fine and it seems nothing important is missing. But the German disc is cropped a bit from the sides and if you add the missing information, it is no longer 4:3? Anyways, here’s a picture showing the differences of framing between the discs:A Stranger in Town | Un dollaro tra i denti framing differences

And here’s a nice amount of screenshots showing the huge quality difference between the discs. To switch between screenshots from different discs, place your cursor over the links and wait a while for the picture to load. Javascript has to be enabled.

Starmedia 0h00m17s | Alfa Digital 0h00m37s | Imagica 0h00m26s

Starmedia 0h00m17s

Starmedia 0h01m40s | Alfa Digital 0h01m41s | Imagica 0h01m54s

Starmedia 0h01m40s

Starmedia 0h04m09s | Alfa Digital 0h04m19s | Imagica 0h04m26s

Starmedia 0h04m09s

Starmedia 0h15m00s | Alfa Digital 0h16m46s | Imagica 0h16m22s

Starmedia 0h15m00s

Starmedia 0h19m24s | Alfa Digital 0h21m31s | Imagica 0h21m02s

Starmedia 0h19m24s

Starmedia 0h31m32s | Alfa Digital 0h34m53s | Imagica 0h33m58s

Starmedia 0h31m32s

Starmedia 0h45m30s | Alfa Digital 0h56m07s | Imagica 0h54m23s

Starmedia 0h45m30s

Starmedia 0h55m38s | Alfa Digital 1h06m40s | Imagica 1h04m30s

Starmedia 0h55m38s

Starmedia 0h59m19s | Alfa Digital 1h15m09s | Imagica 1h08m53s

Starmedia 0h59m19s

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