A Man Called Apocalypse Joe | Un uomo chiamato Apocalisse Joe (1971)

Uomo chiamato Apocalisse Joe, Un / A Man Called Apocalypse Joe (1971)
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Germany (X-Rated Kult DVD) [Region 2]:
Picture format: 2.37:1 anamorphic widescreen PAL

Sountrack(s): English DD 2.0
German DD 2.0
Running Time: 1:30:39
Subtitles: None
Extras: Chapter selections (12 chapters)
US opening Credits. Length 2:13.
German theatrical opening credits. Length 2:44.
Italian theatrical opening credits. Length 2:50.
Italian theatrical trailer. Length 2:24.
Original opening without credits. Length 2:50.
Soundtrack “Apocalisse Joe”. The title song plays and one still image is shown with german and italian credits. Length 3:00.
Trailer for Mannaja. Length 6:20.
All extras in anamorphic widescreen.
Details: DVD release date: July 25, 2005
Layers: single-sided/single-layered
Case: Hardbox with 4 different kind of http://www.spaghettiwesterndvds.com/covers available

Notes: Text “Only for sale in Germany, Austria and Switzerland” is shown through the whole movie at the bottom of the picture. Apparently this can’t be turned off (atleast neither my standalone or PowerDVD couldn’t do it) but the text is not burned into the picture.

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