A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe DVD screenshots

Genio, due compari, un pollo, Un / A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe (1975)

Each of the discs seem to have some cropping, especially Paramount’s disc from Germany. But the cropping on each disc seems to vary from scene to scene. For example in screenshots #6 and #7 the Paramount disc looses a lot of information on all four sides while UK disc loses on the left side. In screenshot #2 the spanish disc shows more on the right side and bottom than the other two and the UK disc more on the bottom than the german disc. Yet in screenshot #3 the spanish disc is cropped on the bottom, left and top when compared to the UK disc but shows more on the right side…. and the german disc is cropped from the bottom when compared to the UK disc and the spanish disc all the while losing information on the left side compared to the UK disc but NOT compared to the spanish one. Paramount disc is cropped quite a lot from the bottom throughout the whole film. And although Paramount seems to show very little more on the right side, compared to the UK disc, during the scene before the credits (screenshot #2), it is cropped for the rest of the film from all sides… sometimes barely (if at all) and other times (screenshots #6 and #7) very noticeably.

I honestly can’t say about the aspect ratios (what has been squeezed or stretched) though. In my eyes different things look better in different discs. I’ll leave the decision to the viewers. :p
UK disc is interlaced while the other two are not. Please note that the screenshots for the Paramount disc might look worse than what it should, since the FLAG issue (written at the disc specification notes) is affecting every single frame of the movie when using software players. Atleast the title screenshot is suffering from this.

Nouveaux Pictures UK TOP vs Suevia Spain MIDDLE vs Paramount German BOTTOM

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