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A Fistful Of Westerns

Excellent spaghetti western site, with lots of info and links on the genre and big collection of still photos, press books, posters etc. from many of the movies.

Spaghetti Western Web Board
Web Board with lots of spaghetti western discussion.

The best international auction site.


Internet Movie Database. Very good source for info about all actors and movies.

Shobary’s Spaghetti Westerns

Shobary’s excellent spaghetti western site.

A database for all things concerning spaghetti westerns. Offers a forum as well.

Xploited Cinema

Excellent place to buy some of the spaghetti westerns dvds.

Marco Leone’s Spaghetti Western Page

Spaghetti western movie reviews by Marco Leone.

Fistful of Leone

A tribute to the masterful Sergio Leone!

Wild East Productions

US company releasing excellent spaghetti western discs.


Exploring the world of cinema from the Arthouse to the Grindhouse. Has spaghetti western disc reviews amongst other ones.

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