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Someone claims the image on disc A looks too red but I see no problem when looking at your screenshots, why?
When looking at and comparing the images from different discs there are couple of things to keep in mind.

  • Things like sharpness and colors can show up entirely differently depending on your monitor type and calibration (then there’s differences in TV calibrations and TV will show the image a bit differently anyways). Even some clear faults in the images might not be visible at all on some monitors. Just because one disc looks too red doesn’t mean it really is that way… your monitor might just display it like that.

  • Still images don’t tell the whole truth. For example effects of interlacing or bad PAL to NTSC (or the other way) transfers might not be visible until you see the image actually moving.

  • There are lots of things that can affect the way the image is captured. Options in Windows and the DVD programs which might change the color schemes or brightness or something else slightly from the original that is on the disc. I am not an expert on this so I’m not sure if I have taken caren of everything that could change how the image looks. I also had to switch from PowerDVD5 to PowerDVD7 because of some problems, and I’m not sure if that will cause any difference.
    And because I have to rely on others for contributions (it’s quite impossible for me to own every disc out there) I can’t control the way they take the screenshots. I just have to trust everything is done correctly.

    So in short, I can’t guarantee the images on this site are exact presentations of the original material on disc.

  • Just an extra bit of info… Especially night scenes might be presented completely differently on different discs. Even if all the screenshots for a particular movie would look quite the same, there’s a possibility there may be a big difference in some (maybe even just one) scenes. I have tried to include examples of this on the discs that I know have differencies. Look at the first Sartana movie for example.

  • People might also have different tastes regarding the colors. Just because something seems too bright, red, green or washed out, doesn’t mean it’s incorrect. In fact with many movies the more normal colors could in fact be wrong. With today’s technology it’s very easy for someone to change the colors to their liking (or more “normal”) with just a few buttons. But maybe some of the movies weren’t supposed to look normal. Unfortunately I never saw any of these on theater when they came out, so I can’t say what they are supposed to look. In the end, for most movies, everyone needs to choose whatever looks best to their own eye. Well, I guess that applies to all movies… but I’m sure there are some for which there exists credible sources (maybe even the director or someone else from the crew) who can say what the film is supposed to look like.

What does that blue question mark mean?
The blue question marks (and black…) mean the info is not verified by me or someone who has contributed information to me. The information has most likely been taken from some others websites, DVD reviews, online shops and may be correct. But a lot of it will definitely turn out to be false in the end. Do not trust the specifications marked with question marks.

Please note that unfortunately humans aren’t perfect, so errors are possible and even the verified information might be wrong in some cases.

Why is disc A shorter than disc B yet it is not marked as cut?
There are several things which might explain the time difference between different releases:

  • NTSC vs PAL difference. PAL will run 4% faster than NTSC.

  • The movie is actually running in PAL length despite the frame rate and resolution being NTSC (or the other way around). Bad NTSC<->PAL transfers.

  • Most of the running times on this site don’t include information about possible company logos at the start or end of the movie, or how much empty blackness there is. Sometimes the logos are part of the running time, sometimes they either don’t exist at all or run separate of the main movie file. In some discs (like the Scandinavian release of My Name Is Nobody) the music continues after the credits for some time even though there’s no image anymore.

  • It is possible parts of the movie run in different speeds. I think (though I’m not 100% sure) Wild East’s Ben&Charlie disc runs in PAL except for the opening and ending credits (which have been taken from another source) which are in NTSC.

The discs that I have seen mentioned being cut, but haven’t been able to confirm, have been marked with CUT?. Just because there isn’t any mention of cuts anywhere doesn’t mean the disc is necessarily complete. A lot of discs seem to be missing something.

Is movie X available on DVD and what kind of quality is the disc, how about the version on it or extras?
If no discs are listed for the particular movie on this site then it might or might not exist on DVD. Although at this point there are lots of existing discs missing from the list. Oh and the Leone’s have never even been listed, yet. :D If you have any questions about any specific disc, you can of course email me and we’ll see if I have the answer. Not all of my discs have had their specifications verified on the site.

I have some info/dvd covers of certain discs which your site doesn’t seem to have, what should I do?
If you want, please send the info/covers to me either through email or post about it to the forums and I will add the info on the site. Contributors will be credited unless they want to remain anonymous.

Anything I need to know before contributing?
Oh yes, plenty. Please read this thread in the forums to see how I’d like things to be done. It’ll also show how I have done things if you’re only interested about that and not contributing.

Can I use the images available from ‘A Fistful Of DVDs’ site on my own site?
Please contact me and we’ll figure it out. :)

How about the disc specifications etc?
Well I’d appreciate it if you’d refer to this site if using the info somewhere, but the information is of course free. :)

Can I directly link to these images because my own page doesn’t have enough space, or I’m too lazy to upload these into my site?
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! … DO NOT link to the files on my site directly, instead link people to my main page, or the particular dvd info or screenshot page OR download the stuff and upload them on your own webspace.

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