By , September 16, 2009 1:34 pm

Some of you know me as Sundance from several forums/websites (but there are a lot of Sundance’s around and I don’t think they’re all me…). I’m a soon to be too old (spaghetti) freak from Finland. Been watching westerns all my life and am nowadays especially (too?) obsessed with spaghetti westerns (and other non-mainstream stuff) and all kinds of info regarding the DVD releases of them.

This blog is something I have thought about adding for a long time… as an extension to my eurowestern DVD site, A Fistful of DVDs. The installation has actually been around for a few years, the oldest still remaining test posts (which are private) are from Spring 2006, and even though it hasn’t been public some people have still found their way in… especially the ones searching for ‘Beyond the Law covers’ (which I don’t unfortunately have on my site, sorry about that :P). As for the blog name, I’m not very certain about the exact reasons for it anymore, but it probably was some sort of protest against the copyright law changes we had in Finland in 05-06.

The purpose of the blog (at first) was to maybe write some movie/DVD reviews (probably not going to happen…) and about other things concerning eurowesterns. But now, if nothing else, at least wordpress will serve as some sort of content managing system for my DVD site (there are several benefits compared to the way the site used to be).

If you want to contact me you can do it by either emailing me at sw /at/ sundances /dot/ net or using the contact form at the contact page.

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