Tú perdonas… yo no Blu-Ray

By , May 23, 2014 12:22 am

At the same time with the Sartana disc, Divisa HV also released God Forgives, I Don’t on Blu-Ray. This actually looks quite good!

It’s the Italian print (so credits say Dio perdona… io no!) and I’m not sure what happened but there’s lots of film grain left. In motion it looks a bit better than the screenshots as for some reason (bad compression or a result of some filtering?) the grain is not so great looking in still shots. The amount of grain also varies a lot between scenes (screenshot #2, first row right is from a quite grainy scene) but mostly I would think it is simply the result of different lighting in different scenes when the movie was filmed.

There are some problems I noticed for example screenshot #6 (third row right) the sky looks a bit weird even in motion (because of compression and/or filters?) and look at the DVD comparison shot #1 where Hill is reaching for the spinning pistol… the pistol and his hand completely break up (I suspect some automatic filter in action). Because in motion one frame errors like that are quite hard to spot and I didn’t watch the entire movie it is possible there are more similar errors somewhere. I just happened to get this one in a screenshot because the exact same screenshot was used in the old DVD comparison at this site.

The disc has Spanish and Italian audio (both in 2.0 mono and 5.1 with parts of the 5.1 tracks in mono) with Spanish subtitles only but maybe we’ll get this English friendly somewhere someday (hope dies last?). Note though that as far as I know all the available English audio DVDs (and even the French DVD which claims to be uncut) are actually cut (perhaps the cut part was never part of any English language print?). There is an implied rape scene in the uncut version of the movie (we don’t actually see anything, only hear the screams after Bill San Antonio has entered the house).

The length of the movie on this Blu-Ray is 1:51:42 and the first ~58 seconds belongs to the Mercury Films logo which for some reason plays twice. If I remember the “rape scene” correctly it is presented uncut here.
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Llega Sartana Blu-Ray

By , May 21, 2014 5:52 pm

The new Llega Sartana (Light the Fuse… Sartana Is Coming) Blu-Ray is another piece of shit release from the Spanish super duo Mercury Films & Divisa HV.

Filtered and barely (if at all) better than a DVD. Actually a DVD might even have the potential to be better looking.

The disc has only Spanish audio (2.0 mono and 5.1). Region free according to AnyDVD HD.

light the fuse this disc is shit

The two comparisons below have a slight twist. I am comparing full HD screenshots from the disc to the same shots that were re-sized and saved into 720×405 (DVD resolution) jpg files and then upscaled back into HD resolution losing all the HD information along the way (I would think…). This is of course highly scientific and foolproof method.

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