Gringo & Le llamaban Trinidad Blu-Rays

By , March 14, 2014 11:23 pm

Well I finally checked the They Call Me Trinity Blu-Ray and I have to say it isn’t nearly as bad as I expected it to be based on the quality of the Gunfight at Red Sands disc. Way too much DNR for my tastes though but I think some will think it looks just fine if not even great.

The disc is region free and has an English audio track included. For some reason both Divisa’s website and the back of the box say the disc has Spanish and Italian/English audio track but there is only Spanish and English. Whether the English track has some parts in Italian I don’t know. I checked several scenes but those were all in English. Length of the movie is ~115 minutes so it would seem to be uncut unlike most of the available DVDs.

First five screenshots are of some of the frames that caps-a-holic used when comparing the German Blu-Ray to the UK DVD here
Keep in mind the German Blu-Ray was made from an old bad quality German cinema print because for whatever reason the Italian rights holders don’t like to share (except maybe they did with Divisa because the print has Italian credits).

And here’s a couple of extra frames


And the following shots are from the Gunfight at Red Sands Blu-Ray. I still think it looks horrible but I have no doubt someone will like it. ;) But come on, there is no HD detail here!

Can you guess which of the following two shots is directly from the Blu-Ray disc and which was first downscaled to 720×405 DVD resolution image losing all HD detail and then upscaled back to BR resolution.

Just like They Call Me Trinity this disc is region free. But only Spanish audio track is included.

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Both discs are available from under the titles Gringo and Le llamaban trinidad. The following two links have my affiliate code so go to some other way if that bothers you. :)

Gringo [Blu-ray]

Le llamaban trinidad [Blu-ray]

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