Colorado (The Big Gundown) Blu-Ray + DVD + Book

By , July 3, 2013 5:43 pm

Just got my hands on the recently (today in fact…) released French edition of the Big Gundown (by Wild Side). It has two versions of the film included. The shorter (90min) French (and US) theatrical version and the longer ~110min Italian version. The short version has English, Italian and French audio with French subtitles while unfortunately the longer version is presented only in Italian with French subtitles. DVD included in the package probably has both versions as well (didn’t bother to check yet :P ) and there is a 128 page book (in French only) included. AnyDVDHD says the disc is region free.

For my eyes the short version (which has Columbia Pictures logos/credits so it is the recent Sony restoration?) is superior (as far as image quality goes that is) to the longer one. Same goes with comparison to the earlier released German disc by Explosive Media (which only has the long version).

Here are a few screenshot comparisons between the three versions (Wild Side short left, long at the middle and the Explosive Media caps at the right side):

This last comparison is only between the long versions (Wild Side left, Explosive Media right):

Oh and how are the colors supposed to be? No idea. Maybe someone could ask Sollima.

This French disc is available from

Please note that Grindhouse Releasing has announced they will be releasing this film in the USA on Blu-Ray.

2 Responses to “Colorado (The Big Gundown) Blu-Ray + DVD + Book”

  1. Breccio says:

    According to French reviewers, the DVD has ONLY the short version. The complete version is a Blu-Ray exclusive.
    Me, I’ll stick with my Koch Media release–and I’m French.

  2. omar sharif says:

    I belief much beater Explosive Media blu ray I have seen my self

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