Man of the East Blu-Ray (E poi lo chiamarono il magnifico (1972)) from Soul Media

By , October 26, 2011 9:20 pm

Enzo Barboni’s comedy spaghetti Man of the East was released in Sweden (and Denmark?) in October 19th as a Blu-Ray & DVD combo pack. Disc has English audio with optional Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish subtitles. I haven’t checked the DVD yet but I would think it is the same disc that has already been released in Scandinavia some years ago (and later with similar kind of cover that this combo pack has).

Pure speculation since I haven’t yet seen the Koch Media disc but it looks to me like the available DVDs (except the old Italian one) since 2004 or even earlier (in Spain) have all used the same (old) master from which this Blu-Ray has also been made from. So no wonder it isn’t as good as it could be. ;) The Blu-Ray is obviously better than the DVDs but some might be disappointed. Region B only.

Not sure about stores shipping this outside EU but at least will deliver inside EU.

Anyways here are some screenshots from the Blu-Ray, click to see them in full 1080p HD glory.

Robbery in Man of the East Blu-Ray Terence Hill jumping around the field lunch with bandit friends Yanti Somer aka Kirsti Somersalo in glorious HD
Terence Hill riding in the woods Terence Hill Gregory Walcott Dominic Barto Harry Carey Jr. skillz Riccardo Pizzuti

The movie is still coming out on Blu-Ray in Australia this November (from Shock Entertainment). I expect it to look the same.

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