The Ox-Bow Incident Blu-Ray (Ritt zum Ox-bow)

By , September 7, 2011 8:24 pm

This one isn’t about a spaghetti so if that bothers you, stop reading… Anyways, as some of you may be interested in the US westerns as well, here are a few screenshots from the recent German Blu-Ray of the Ox-Bow Incident (from Koch Media). The disc has English & German audio and optional English subtitles (which don’t 100% match the spoken English dialogue) and is region free. It is actually vol. 9 in Koch Media’s Western Legenden Series but only one other so far (Yellow Sky as no. 7, I’ll add some screenshots later) is available as a Blu-Ray release.

There are some extras on the disc but my old PowerDVD won’t play the disc for some reason (and I use old version because the newer ones won’t support HD-DVD…) and with MPC I wasn’t able to access the menu. Oh well. :p On the back cover they list English trailer, audio commentary by Dick Eulain and William Wellmann Jr., Henry Fonda feature, photo gallery and a 8 page booklet (which is part of the case and in German only).

The Ox-Bow Incident Blu-Ray title screen Ritt zum Ox-Bow Blu-Ray screenshot mmm grain
HQ landscape

I am satisfied with the print quality (only took a quick glance when taking the screenshots) but I have no doubt it could be better. ;) There are some specs and dirt and scratches and whatever in case those bother you. Oh and one thing… everything on the disc takes only 14GB of space so there is like 10GB unused. I’m not sure how much difference it would make it to use that extra for the movie (and it is only 75minutes b/w with black bars on the side) but why not use that?

You can order the disc from (affiliate link).

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