Yellow Sky Blu-Ray (Herrin der toten Stadt)

By , September 10, 2011 12:08 am

As promised here are some screenshots from Koch Media’s recent (region free!) Blu-Ray release of Yellow Sky, under the title Herrin der toten Stadt. As with the Ox-Bow Incident Blu-Ray the disc features English (and German) audio and optional English subtitles.

Yellow Sky Blu-Ray title screen sharing the loot in Herrin der toten Stadt Herrin der toten Stadt Blu-Ray screenshot Koch Media screenshot from German Yellow Sky Blu-Ray 1080p

Gregory Peck in the desert Richard Widmark Anne Baxter sneaking at night

Extras on the disc include: Original theatrical trailer, radio excerpt with Gregory Peck, photo gallery and an 8 page booklet (part of the case).
Disc space used only 17GB so still around 7GB left… Use it damnit! ;p

Here is photo of the custom book style covers used for these western legenden series. The German age rating stickers are on the cover but can be removed (be careful). There are also Blu-Ray stickers on the covers (whyyyyyy) which are almost as big as the FSK ratings, these can be removed as well. Photo by Andreas Wagner.

Yellow Sky disc available at

The Ox-Bow Incident Blu-Ray (Ritt zum Ox-bow)

By , September 7, 2011 8:24 pm

This one isn’t about a spaghetti so if that bothers you, stop reading… Anyways, as some of you may be interested in the US westerns as well, here are a few screenshots from the recent German Blu-Ray of the Ox-Bow Incident (from Koch Media). The disc has English & German audio and optional English subtitles (which don’t 100% match the spoken English dialogue) and is region free. It is actually vol. 9 in Koch Media’s Western Legenden Series but only one other so far (Yellow Sky as no. 7, I’ll add some screenshots later) is available as a Blu-Ray release.
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