Cut-Throats Nine & Joshua from Code Red

By , August 16, 2011 10:48 pm

Code Red’s double feature DVD of Cut-Throats Nine and Joshua is now out and so I have added a screenshot comparison between the very old Eurovista (bootleg) and Code Red’s DVDs. There really isn’t any question as to which one looks better.

Here is a zoomed-in comparison between the two discs which should show some of the differences… (click the link for a very large image)

I wonder why the first (in line) guy on the left picture ain’t running considering his chain is gone. ;)

As a small bonus here’s few images from Code Red’s Joshua:

So far I have seen only one review of the double feature disc and that is at the DVD Drive-In. If anybody knows of more, you’re welcome to link to them in the comments. ;) Oh and the disc is region free!

You can buy the disc from (these are the stores I recommend :p): (affiliate link), DiabolikDVD, PlanetAxel

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