Eureka’s Face to Face Blu-Ray & DVD cancelled (again)

By , February 2, 2011 2:49 pm

First it was coming last October then delayed because they didn’t have a full version of the film available. Some time later the Blu-Ray was cancelled only to be announced again (as a Blu-Ray & DVD Combo) some weeks ago. And now…


Unfortunately I regret to inform you that we are having to pull ALL FORMATS of FACCIA A FACCIA (FACE TO FACE) from the release schedule.

In the last week, some further unforeseen production issues have arisen regarding this particular title, which has led to us making the decision that it would be in everyone’s best interests for the title to be cancelled completely for the foreseeable future, until all these production issues have been resolved.

We hope you appreciate our continued commitment to producing product of the highest possible quality, and will accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused and amend your records accordingly – full details below

EKA70020 – Dual Format edition (containing both a Blu-ray and a DVD) – CANCELLED
EKA70020 – Blu-ray – CANCELLED
EKA40324 – DVD only – CANCELLED

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    please…I am looking for a western film 1971 and I am not able to buy it. Can you help me to buy? the film is. IL GIORNO DEL GIUDIZIO- DRUMMER OF VENGEANCE-le jour du jugement. thanks.

  2. Sundance says:

    Do you need it in a certain language?

    For some reason I haven’t included it here on my site at all but there is three DVD releases of it that I know of.

    It exists in Germany under the title Zeig mir das Spielzeug des Todes but the disc is severely cut with the film being only around 75 minutes long. This disc has only German audio.

    Then there is a French disc with only French (and perhaps Italian audio although Amazon doesn’t mention it) audio but the version is 90 minutes long. Title of the disc is Le Jour du jugement.

    And finally there is an Italian disc with Italian audio but not sure about the length of this one. For some reason I couldn’t find it at Italian Amazon. But here is one store with the disc

    I’m only guessing here but the French disc may be superior in picture quality compared to the other two.

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