Hunt for the Trinity Is Still My Name Blu-Ray

By , December 29, 2010 8:58 pm

As I have nothing better to do I took a few screenshots from Trinity Is Still My Name discs (DVDs & Blu-Ray). Well, I actually took them some months ago but been lazy as usual, and it turns out I only took one screenshot per disc. Which wasn’t a very smart thing to do. Anyways, this particular scene happens to be a very problematic one as evidenced by all the bad DVD images below and the Blu-Ray from German company 3L (and e-m-s?) doesn’t handle it any better.

Here’s a question for all of you following (1)… which one of the 8 images below is from the Blu-Ray? Notice that the one big image (a work of art!) below contains all the 8 screenshots so you don’t have to load them all separately. Just click on the image to load it in full size. It is 2megs in size though and the resolution is 1904×2782 so not for modems or gprs! The images from DVDs were resized to Blu-Ray resolution in photoshop before cropping.

Trinity Is Still My Name 3L Blu-Rays vs 7 DVDs

Oh and since the image is so large I’d appreciate it if you’d link to this post instead of the image directly. That is if you for some reason need to show it to someone.

EDIT: Oh yeah, before anyone sends some hate mail, I have to add that a lot of the other scenes (but not all) on the Blu-Ray do look better than this one.

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