Eureka’s Face to Face Blu-Ray might only feature a shorter version of the film?

By , October 12, 2010 2:02 pm

Looking at the Face to Face submission to BBFC by Eureka Entertainment Ltd, it seems we will be getting a much shorter version of the movie than what has been available on DVDs. The version submitted on 4th of October 2010 is only 93-94 minutes in length while the previous DVD editions are 107 minutes (and that is in PAL so the difference would be even bigger than the 14 minutes!). I didn’t even know there is a shortened version in existence, but according to BBFC site it looks like the same 93 minute cut has been previously (1993) released on VHS in the UK (the PAL to FILM/NTSC difference reduces it to around 90minutes).

This is a very disappointing piece of news if it will be the only version available. Play lists the release at around 92 minutes (can’t remember if it was always the case or not). But I guess we will have to wait and see (but they can’t release a longer one unless that is also submitted to BBFC which isn’t the case at least yet?).

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  1. badblokebob says:

    When the BBFC classify something as “video” it’s always (in my experience, anyway) a PAL running time, so that 93min version just classified could well run c.97-98m on Blu-ray at 24fps. Still clearly less than 107 minutes though!

  2. Sundance says:

    I suppose it is possible, I have no idea how BBFC treats the different medias (and who knows how Eureka provided their submission), but like I mentioned, the version submitted being in 24fps would make it about the same as the old PAL VHS release and it would seem logical it is the same version. Of course there could be some extra minutes somewhere (logos and I can’t remember if the film ends with a blackness with just music playing which could be cut from VHS… or something).

    Anyways, according to a member (who had emailed Eureka about this) at the spaghetti western database forums, Eureka has been made aware of the different versions and have apparently delayed the release for a couple of months, trying to acquire material for the longer one.

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