Sergio Sollima’s Face to Face (Faccia a faccia) on Blu-Ray?

By , September 27, 2010 12:50 am is listing Sergio Sollima’s Face to Face (Faccia a faccia, 1967) to be released on Blu-Ray disc 15th of November 2010. There aren’t any kind of specs on the disc yet, not even the company behind the release is listed. Hopefully this is the real deal!

Thanks to djvaso for this piece of news.

EDIT: It seems the company behind the release is Eureka. Here is the cover and some specs for the release (thanks to Paul at lovelockandload):

Face to Face aka Faccia a faccia Blu-Ray Eureka cover

- Beautiful 1080p high-definition presentation
– Original English dubbed audio
– Optional subtitles (SDH),
– Original Italian audio with newly translated English

I expect the best from Eureka so this might turn out to be the best spaghetti western news/release of the whole year!

Screenshots from the Face to Face DVDs to beat are available here:

Titanus Wild West DVDs from Italy

By , September 3, 2010 12:22 pm

Just got my hands on all the Titanus Wild West DVDs that were released a week ago. Thompson 1880 was supposed to be amongst them but for some reason has been cancelled (too good print?). First the good news: the covers look nice.

Titanus / 01 Wild West spaghetti western DVDs

But the first moment of horror came when I realized the back covers for all the discs say the films are presented in 4:3… So opened and checked a couple of them and unfortunately it seems minimum effort has went into these discs. There is only a very basic menus with only the option to either play the film or choose a scene, nothing else. Which wouldn’t really be a problem though but the films are presented in non-anamorphic widescreen. Non-anamorphic in late 2010, just great. Still, I could even accept that if they were fine otherwise which they unfortunately are not or at least not the three I checked. The image on all three has been cropped from the sides to make them into 1.85:1. This has to be some kind of a sick joke!
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