About Ciakmull (Unholy 4) and other new Seven7 releases from France

By , April 26, 2010 5:18 pm

There have been some discussion (in French which I don’t understand so I might be wrong… :P ) about the quality of the latest Seven7 releases from France being not what they were advertised as (remastered, with French and Italian audio) even perhaps being copies of the Evidis/Fravidis(?) discs of the same movies that have been around for a couple of years. Well, I just received the Ciak Mull and Django le batard discs and as far as Ciak Mull goes it is in fact different transfer (and now it is anamorphic!) than the previous disc BUT does only have French audio and no subtitles. Meaning Amazon.fr is wrong about it having French and English audio (of course I was certain they were wrong) and so is Seven7’s own webpage which still claims the disc to have Italian audio included.

So, something good, something bad, yes? Well… I can’t compare to any of the other Ciakmull discs right now with the picture moving and with a big screen (and I don’t own the Fravidis disc) but it looks to me like this new French disc is much better than the others in some regards, but dare I suggest has perhaps been somewhat filtered in a way which to my eyes makes it a bit too smooth? But should look very good for most.

As for the length of the movie… there are basically no extra blackness at the start or end of the movie and yet the disc is around two minutes longer (1:30:24 vs 1:28:2x) than the previous Fravidis, Wild East or Global Video discs! Considering they are all PAL (yes, WE disc also) there has to be something extra on this one (worth that two minutes).

Here’s one image (I’ll try uploading more to the screenshot page of the movie some day later) from the new disc (TOP) compared to the old French one (BOTTOM). Click to see them bigger (not much…).

Seven7 French disc 2010

Fravidis French disc 2007

As for the Django the Bastard (Django le Batard) disc, haven’t checked it yet (and the older DVD release is still on the way, thanks to Iceland, so I wouldn’t be able to compare it yet anyways) but the case claims only French audio.

Buy from Amazon.fr: Ciakmull, Django the Bastard

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