New Italian The Good, the Bad and the Ugly releases

By , October 11, 2009 6:53 am

The Italian company MHE has just released The Good, the Bad and the Ugly on both DVD and Blu-Ray. The DVD is a special edition with small book/let included while that is missing from the Blu-Ray edition. MHE has released the movie previously couple of years ago as a very simple edition which left hoping for more. As far as I can tell this is from a new restoration of some sort… at least I hope so. The MGM Blu-Rays aren’t as good as I hoped they would be, so I’m really hoping this will be better.

Unfortunately according to Kultmedia and Videociak the discs have only one Italian track and nothing more. I realize claims the Blu-Ray to have English audio but they also claim the aspect ratio to be 1.78:1 which can’t be correct so…

Anyways, I should have the discs (yes, both…) early next week and hopefully can put up some kind of comparison soon after that.

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  1. The Killer says:

    Hi Sundance,
    the GBU-Blu-ray is great. Ratio is 2.35:1 and the quality is much better compared to the MGM. Unfortunately there is no english audio :-(

  2. Sundance says:

    Hey Killer, thanks for the comment. :)

    I received my disc couple of days ago and can also confirm it is great, excellent even. I’m sure there is always room for improvement but the MGM disc is shit compared to this new by Mondo.
    Too bad about the audio options though… Well, I’m trying to learn Italian so perhaps someday it won’t matter to me at least. :)

    You probably noticed it already but I’m on a process of moving my site to a new domain. It should help with search rankings as well (to have keywords in the domain name) I hope. I had been planning this for some time now, but my site got hacked couple of weeks ago (nothing was lost though) so I went ahead and started the move now so I can weed out any possible malicious code that is there at the old site (although I’m quite sure there shouldn’t be any). Oh well, teaches me to keep programs up to date.

    Im just soo lazy so it is going to take some time to move the content here. :P Right now there is only screenshots from three of the new French discs available (the George Hilton Sartana [which sadly seems to be cut], Durango and Night of the Serpent).

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