Matalo! Wild East vs Medusa

By , May 14, 2008 3:26 am

Italian company Medusa Home Entertainment has recently released Matalo! on DVD and the result looks very good. I was actually very surprised at the quality as I thought this kind of release might not be a possibility. I remember reading, although I’m not sure if it’s true at all, that Koch Media was going to release Matalo! at some point but they had to cancel it because good enough print wasn’t found.

I compared the Medusa disc to the older Wild East disc and have to say that the Italian disc is clearly superior in multiple ways. The only reason, and I admit it is an important one, there’s still room for the WE release is that as usual the Italian disc includes only Italian audio/subtitles. But fans might want to pick up this new disc anyways even if they can’t understand Italian (and already own another release).

Here’s one higher (1024x…) resolution image comparison which really shows what kind of difference there is. I have removed the black bars from the non-anamorphic image of the WE disc.

And click on the following links for
Medusa Home Entertainment & Wild East disc specs / and the rest of the screenshots

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