Antreten zum Beten – Bleigewitter (Reverendo Colt) from NEW

By , March 1, 2008 9:02 pm

Just noticed the next spaghetti western release from the German company NEW will be Reverendo Colt (1971). According to tele movie shop the release will come with three different cover options (one limited) and will include English audio. Release date 31.03.2008.

Another news is some sort of spaghetti book called Spagetti-Heroes – Django – Sartana – Ringo listed at 4 different cover options (all limited) and the book comes with a DVD which seems to have the films A Gun for One Hundred Graves and Vengeance. Don’t know what versions, but I suspect it might be the same disc that X-Rated have released earlier. Release date 31.3.2008.

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