The Unholy Four, Wild East and Global Video

By , February 27, 2008 5:40 pm

I uploaded screenshots and specs for the Wild East and Global Video releases of the Unholy Four (Ciakmull – L’uomo della vendetta).

Some of you probably aren’t aware of it, but when Global Video released this one with three other releases (Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows, Arizona Colt Returns and was the third one Bastard, Go and Kill?) they obviously made some sort of mistake. I do not know what exactly is the reason, but the discs are unwatchable on my player (but seem to work better with PowerDVD 7, perhaps because the differences between computer monitor and tv…). Yet apparently for some the discs work ok.
It looks ok if there’s not much movement going on, but as soon as something starts moving the image starts flickering or ghosting or whatever… If I advance frame by frame it seems like every 5th and 6th frame are almost exactly the same (the difference is barely noticeable).

The transfer of Global Video looks like a poor PAL to NTSC conversion with interlacing and some very bad looking frames with blending of several frames/fields into one, and the same can be said for the Wild East disc. Both seem to run in PAL speed yet have the framerate and resolution of NTSC. But Wild East basically works and looks fine (it’s like all their other releases… it could have been done better, but works like it is) while the Global Video doesn’t.

Wild East disc has some compression artifacts at several places, for example during the fire in early parts of the film and later when the convicts are running through the woods. Have to mention it because I personally could spot these without slowing down or pausing the movie, but probably a lot of people won’t even notice. These same sort of artifacts can be found on several (if not all…) of their releases which is a shame since it’s just a question of how well the transfer is done… Unless the source for the release is digital and already has the artifacts in it.

The colors on the Global Video release look better to my eyes. Wild East release is slightly cropped from the sides resulting in the aspect ratio of 1.78:1. It’s too little to care about but I personally hate even the slightest of cropping so I hope this wasn’t done on purpose (1.78:1 is the AR of widescreen TVs which is why some companies crop their releases on purpose…). :P

But in the end the Wild East disc is sharper, anamorphic, doesn’t have the same problems and even includes The Forgotten Pistolero on the same disc and the price is the same, so I’d say the Wild East disc is the only choice here…

Have to mention though that I didn’t watch either of the discs from start to finish so it’s possible I have missed something.

Btw if anyone owns the Global Video releases (this one or any of the other three mentioned earlier) could you please let me know if it/they work alright or not, and what player do you have, thanks.
There was also talks of possible PAL releases of the Global Video discs, does anyone know anything about that? Or anything to make these work well…

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