The Unholy Four, Wild East and Global Video

By , February 27, 2008 5:40 pm

I uploaded screenshots and specs for the Wild East and Global Video releases of the Unholy Four (Ciakmull – L’uomo della vendetta).

Some of you probably aren’t aware of it, but when Global Video released this one with three other releases (Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows, Arizona Colt Returns and was the third one Bastard, Go and Kill?) they obviously made some sort of mistake. I do not know what exactly is the reason, but the discs are unwatchable on my player (but seem to work better with PowerDVD 7, perhaps because the differences between computer monitor and tv…). Yet apparently for some the discs work ok.
It looks ok if there’s not much movement going on, but as soon as something starts moving the image starts flickering or ghosting or whatever… If I advance frame by frame it seems like every 5th and 6th frame are almost exactly the same (the difference is barely noticeable).

The transfer of Global Video looks like a poor PAL to NTSC conversion with interlacing and some very bad looking frames with blending of several frames/fields into one, and the same can be said for the Wild East disc. Both seem to run in PAL speed yet have the framerate and resolution of NTSC. But Wild East basically works and looks fine (it’s like all their other releases… it could have been done better, but works like it is) while the Global Video doesn’t.
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Troublemakers Italian disc

By , February 19, 2008 2:14 am

Just added the specs and screenshots for the Italian release of Terence Hill’s Troublemakers (Botte di natale). It has been quite a while since I saw the Suevia Films release of this one, but I’m quite sure the Italian disc looks a lot better when played no matter what your opinion on the screenshots might be. Unfortunately the Italian disc is about 1½ minutes shorter, I just don’t know what is missing.
According to all the three German DVDs are cut as well, including the very recent disc which has English audio. I suspect the new disc might have the same version that is on the Italian disc. But if anyone knows what the deleted scene (and how long) in the new German disc extras is, please let me know.

Navajo Joe for Region 1?

By , February 13, 2008 6:27 pm

Navajo Joe posterGreat news! According to DVDSavant Sergio Corbucci’s Navajo Joe will be released for Region 1 in 13th of May 2008.

Pre-order it from at a very low price of $9.99.

Now how about that Mercenary?

White Apache, God’s Gun and the Magnificent Texan

By , February 13, 2008 4:49 am

To celebrate “the new start” here’s couple of updates (two older ones which some, if not most, of you have missed).

Bianco Apache / White Apache from Suevia Films Spain, God’s Gun from MGM UK and Suevia Films Spain (some have probably seen the God’s Gun update previously as I did post about it elsewhere but just didn’t mention it here) and The Magnificent Texan from Simpel Moviex Germany. As I mentioned in the previous post I am thinking of changing the way the disc pages work and these are now the ones where the modifications have been made. There is a comment form at the bottom of both pages where it’s possible for anyone to comment anything regarding the discs or movies. Or you could let me (and others) know of sites with screenshots or reviews concerning the discs/movie in question…

I have marked God’s Gun UK disc as possibly cut because when the disc was released there were some talk about it missing some nudity. I did email the person who first reported it at SWWB, and he mentioned that there isn’t as much cut as he first thought. But that there would be at least one cut…

“only a brief shot of a woman’s breast during the first Saloon scuffle between Palance’s men and the Dance Hall girls is all that is missing… As far as I know, that is the only difference..”

I haven’t personally been able to confirm it either way yet. Since the movie was obviously shot fullscreen (but I do think the aspect ratio the film should be seen in is 1.85:1 ) and the fullscreen versions show more image at top and bottom, it is possible the breast in question is just out of view in widescreen instead of being cut from the print.
As for the Spanish God’s Gun disc it has a slight problem which I’d like to know if it’s just on my disc or all of them:
“At around 0:20:40 the image freezes for 8 seconds, works normally for 6 seconds and freezes again for 1minute and 55 seconds. All this time the audio sounds normal.”

A Fistful of DVDs updates and blog

By , February 13, 2008 4:46 am

Hi everyone!

For certain reasons it has been quite quiet in here for a long time, I’m sorry about that and believe me it has bothered me a lot. Hopefully I’ll be able to maintain the site better in the future, we’ll have to wait and see. ;)
Anyways, for the past month I have done some changes (slowly…), basically combining the existing site with a blog software that can also be used as some sort of content management system. Well, currently the old site is almost completely as it were before, only the index, DVD lists and a couple of other pages are loaded from the blog software… others may or may not continue to be exactly as they have always been. So basically for now when you enter most of the disc specification or screenshots pages, everything is as it always were.

Since I have installed the blog software it also means there is a blog now. Which is where you are if you’re reading this. The idea now is that it would be easier for me to write about the updates for the site AND visitors could comment and discuss the releases if they wanted to. I’m not sure if that is a good enough reason for a blog software, but oh well… I could also report SW DVD news here and maybe write something else if I ever feel like it (but I don’t promise anything). There are already couple of very old news posts here from the time I was just messing with the software and trying it out. There were even more (couple of very bad reviews which few unfortunately souls were able to see) but I have made most of them either private or deleted them. :P

I’m thinking of redoing the DVD specification pages so that I’ll be able to include them into the search (and one big plus of the software is that it’s automatically very search engine friendly) and also enable comment forms for each of them. Maybe. Unfortunately if I do it it means the addresses for them will change which in turn will break all currently incoming links. So, I’ll have to think about it… Not that there’s many links to my site though, except from the Spaghetti Western Database, but those I can even go and fix myself if needed.

As I’m sure you have already noticed, the fonts for text and links are currently quite small and vary from page to page. I’ll be messing around with them (at least the colors) later but I personally kind of like the size on the new pages right now, at least for the newer wordpress handled pages containing the disc specifications. I do understand the size can be problematic to a lot of people so perhaps I should make it bigger?

As a quick fix at least users of Firefox can change the size of the font themselves for the entire site with a mouse that has a scroll wheel. Just press and hold CTRL-button and roll the wheel up or down to change the font size. It should change everything from the regular text to links to menus. IE seems to be more strict and doesn’t change everything but the same trick can be used with it as well.

Oh and there are lots of emails you have sent me which I haven’t answered and I’m truly sorry about that. I’ll try going through them soon and answering anything I think still requires an answer (as some of them are very old). There’s several thousands of spam messages to go through as well, so it’ll take some time. ;)