No English for the French Lucky Luke box

By , November 29, 2007 11:29 am

This “blog” isn’t really supposed to be public yet, but as I do know some people still find their way in here (apparently the blog did some automatic announcements to some sites when it was installed…), especially to the new spaghetti DVD releases page, I feel I have to warn that the Lucky Luke box from France DOES NOT HAVE ENGLISH AUDIO OR SUBTITLES even though mentions English audio.
Thanks to Breccio at SWWB for the information.

Lucky Luke - Daisy Town: Der Film DVD  Cover

At the same time I could mention that the Lucky Luke movie is supposed to get a DVD release in Germany with English audio (according to ‘the Killer’ at SWWB). The company doing the release appears to be EMS, the disc is already listed at and has a release date of 31st January 2008. No English is mentioned at Amazon though.